state of the house

With the passing of the 125th anniversary of the house in the spring, it has been an important year for our chapter.  The celebration to mark that anniversary was a great event for everyone involved, as brothers from dozens of classes came together to share stories about the house they each experienced and how they have seen it change. Memorabilia from various happenings and years showcased the rich history of Sigma Tau. With the event, the Capital Campaign Committee for house renovations continued to close in on their goal to break ground and restore the full glory of the house, as well as improve it for future members. Helping to maintain the house in the meantime is newly-elected sophomore House Manager Coby Nettleton.

DKE  Class of 2017 

DKE  Class of 2017 

With the graduation or retirement of many members of the Executive Board, elections showed a changing of the guard for the board. Junior Jacob Del Priore took charge as President, with classmate Marcus Urann acting as his Vice President. Junior Rob Disanto now handles the responsibilities of Risk Manager. Joining these three on the Executive Board are Rush and Social Chair Matthew Nicolai, House Steward Kyle Pina, House Manager Coby Nettleton, and Treasurer Mitch Maisel.

After returning from internships spread across the country, work week went smoothly as all the brothers settled into the house with our new GRA Phil Ebben.

In intramural news, the house fielded especially strong basketball and soccer teams, with the soccer team winning a Soccer B League Championship against perennial powerhouse MIT Spain.

With a new, younger board and possible renovations on the horizon, the brothers of Sigma Tau are excited for the 2016-17 school year.